Real Device Android camera test with Appium

I'm trying to automate an Android test on a real device using Appium in which I have an App that in order to complete a registration will ask the user to take a Selfie, so when the user clicks this button the device camera opens up, the only thing that is missing is that I can't find a way to make the script make a click on the button to take a photo. Real Device Android camera test with Appium

Thank you!


@ASR7, No - I would like to correct below things

  1. We can not automate android mobile app automation using Selenium. Selenium is use to automate web/browser automation
  2. Facility in order to automate Android mobile app test case, one may use Appium

    3.1 BTW & Answer to your Q - It doesn't allow to identify elements from another android app.

    3.2 As one will not able to identify element of another app[2nd app or app which you might have opened from 1st your app] you can not make your script to click to take a selfie.

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