realm command doesn't work correctly when used in script (CentOS 7)

I try to automate the authentication on CentOS 7 Hosts over my AD with the realm commands.

It totally works when I execute the following commands by myself.

$ yum -y install realmd oddjob oddjob-mkhomedir sssd samba-common $ realm join -U admin $ realm permit -g [email protected] 

In addition to that I replace the following lines in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf and restart sssd service.

use_fully_qualified_names = False fallback_homedir = /home/%d/%u  $systemctl restart sssd 

After those steps I can log in on that specific CentOS Host with any permitted user of my Active Directory

Now the Problem:

If I run the following script on a CentOS Host as root it seems like everything has worked.

 yum -y install realmd oddjob oddjob-mkhomedir sssd samba-common  echo "Password" | realm join -U admin  realm permit -g [email protected]om  sed -i -e 's/use_fully_qualified_names = True/use_fully_qualified_names = False/g' /etc/sssd/sssd.conf  sed -i -e 's#fallback_homedir = /home/%[email protected]%d#fallback_homedir = /home/%d/%u#g' /etc/sssd/sssd.conf  systemctl restart sssd 

If I try to log in as a permitted AD user it says permission denied

I checked /etc/sssd/sssd.conf for any possible sed-caused problems, but that seems fine. Also running the command realm list seems like there is no problem.

# realm list type: kerberos realm-name: DOMAIN.COM domain-name: configured: kerberos-member server-software: active-directory client-software: sssd required-package: oddjob required-package: oddjob-mkhomedir required-package: sssd required-package: adcli required-package: samba-common login-formats: %U login-policy: allow-permitted-logins permitted-logins: permitted-groups: [email protected] 

The output of this command is exactly the same when I run it after manual executing the commands.

Anybody any idea how to handle that?


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