Recover a deleted folder in Ubuntu from /media/administrator/Windows8_OS

My Windows is not working, I am reinstalling it, because I want to upgrade it to Windows 10. I also have an Ubuntu on my computer, and I am saving files to my other particion in Ubuntu.

I am kind of a newbie to Ubuntu, so I do not know how this works here, but I accidentaly deleted a very important folder, and I need to get it back very quickly, because I have to recover my Windows too. And the worst part is, that it is on the Windows particion, so on /media/administrator/Windows8_OS

My folder which I deleted is located at /media/administrator/adatok/kepek (kepek is the name of the folder).

I searched for a lot of keywords, but I coudn't find anything that worked for me. I tried many different programs, but neither of them has worked.

Is there any way to get my folder back? Thanks!


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