Reduce font size for Chapter headings in TOC but preserve them in actual chapter body

I have the following code: My question is I would like to reduce the font size for the chapter headings in the TOC only but preserve the font size in the actual heading of the chapter body. I have this code but it still shows large fonts for the chapters in the TOC. Any help is greatly appreciated!

\documentclass[a4paper,USenglish, hidelinks,11pt,portrait,onecolumn,openany]{report} % Packages \usepackage{xspace} \usepackage{url} \usepackage[htt]{hyphenat} \usepackage{microtype} % \usepackage[noligatures]{microtype} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{parskip} \usepackage[a4paper, inner=3.0cm, outer=2.0cm, top=2.0cm, bottom=2.0cm, bindingoffset=0cm]{geometry} % \usepackage[a4paper, inner=3.0cm, outer=1.0cm, top=2.0cm, bottom=2.0cm, bindingoffset=1cm]{geometry} % Chapter 7 (Table of Contents and References..) % Packages \usepackage{xspace} \usepackage{url} \usepackage[htt]{hyphenat} \usepackage{microtype} % \usepackage[noligatures]{microtype} \usepackage{blindtext} % this package sets space between lines % \usepackage[doublespacing]{setspace} \usepackage{setspace} % spacing inside tables... \usepackage{fancyhdr} \usepackage{array} \usepackage{verbatim} \usepackage{booktabs} \usepackage{multirow} \usepackage [font=small, labelfont=bf, margin=1cm]{caption} \usepackage{varioref} \usepackage{cleveref} % \usepackage{hyperref} \usepackage{tocloft} \usepackage{titletoc} \usepackage{titlesec} \usepackage{minitoc} % nottoc option removes self referencing of Table Of Contents (TOC)  \usepackage[nottoc]{tocbibind}  %\usepackage[notlof]{tocbibind} % \usepackage{biblatex} \usepackage{natbib} \usepackage{fixltx2e} \usepackage{upgreek} \usepackage{latexsym} \usepackage{siunitx} \usepackage{lmodern} \usepackage{kpfonts} \usepackage{pxfonts}  % Times New Roman  % using both packages produces better text and math fonts... \usepackage{mathptmx} \usepackage{mathpazo}  \usepackage{graphicx} %\usepackage[demo]{graphicx} \usepackage{fancyhdr} \usepackage{verbatim} \usepackage{booktabs} \usepackage{multirow} \usepackage{cleveref} \usepackage{ragged2e} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[english]{babel} \usepackage{xcolor} % change text color  % Import math packages \usepackage{amsmath}  \usepackage{amssymb}  \usepackage{amscd}  % \usepackage{amsthm} %introduces errors .. avoid  \usepackage{float} \usepackage{placeins} \usepackage{afterpage} \usepackage{adjustbox}  \usepackage{epstopdf} \usepackage{pdfpages} \usepackage{afterpage} \usepackage{placeins} \usepackage{relsize} % math package % \usepackage{afterpage} % \def\oneraggedpage{\raggedbottom\afterpage{\flushbottom}}  \usepackage{sectsty} % to center the chapter or section or subsection title.. % Only center chapters and not sections and subsections.. \chapterfont{\centering} % goes with package sectsty above..  % other options.. % \sectionfont{\centering} % \subsectionfont{\centering} % \allsectionsfont{\centering}  % makes double quotations easier.... \usepackage [autostyle, english = american]{csquotes} \MakeOuterQuote{"}  % drawing a circle with color \usepackage{tikz} \newcommand{\tikzcircle}[2][red,fill=red]{\tikz[baseline=-0.5ex]\draw[#1,radius=#2] (0,0) circle ;}%  \usepackage{multirow, booktabs, boldline, hhline} \usepackage{morefloats} \usepackage{textcomp}   \crefname{enumi}{position}{positions} \newtheorem{theorem}{Theorem}[section] \newtheorem{corollary}{Corollary}[theorem] \newtheorem{lemma}[theorem]{Lemma} % User Defined Commands \newcommand{\uDefBfSeries}[3][\itshape]{#1}    \newcommand{\keyword}[2][\bfseries\itshape]{{#1#2}}   \crefname{enumi}{position}{positions} \pagestyle{empty} \newcommand{\normal}[1]{\multicolumn{1}{l}{#1}} \newcommand{\head}[1]{\textnormal{\textbf{#1}}} \newcolumntype{P}[1]{>{\centering\arraybackslash}p{#1}} % for centering of columns with justify  % Scales the spaces within the table to 100% of their original.. \renewcommand{\arraystretch}{1.0}  % scales the default interline space to 1.5 its default value. Of course that number can be set to any value. \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{2.0} % for 2.0 double spacing between lines..  \graphicspath{{D:/RESEARCH\_2/Dissertation/Final\_Results}} % Note: the delimiter should be '/' instead of '\' to work...  \everymath{\displaystyle} \DeclareMathOperator{\dis}{d} % for writing norm operator   % \titleformat{\section} % {\normalfont\fontsize{12}{15}\bfseries}{\thesection}{1em}{}   % titlespacing{\section}{0pt}{0pt}{0pt} % this reduces space between (sub)sections to 0pt, for example \titlespacing\section{0pt}{11pt plus 4pt minus 2pt}{0pt plus 2pt minus 2pt} \titlespacing\subsection{0pt}{11pt plus 4pt minus 2pt}{0pt plus 2pt minus 2pt} \titlespacing\subsubsection{0pt}{8pt plus 4pt minus 2pt}{0pt plus 2pt minus 2pt} \titlespacing\paragraph{0pt}{6pt plus 4pt minus 2pt}{0pt plus 2pt minus 2pt}  %% this will reduce spaces between parts (above and below) of texts within a (sub)section to 0pt, for example - like between an 'eqnarray' and text \AtBeginDocument{ \setlength\abovedisplayskip{6pt} \setlength\belowdisplayskip{8pt} }  % Modify paragraph to make it a sub-section.. % \makeatother \setcounter{secnumdepth}{4} % how many sectioning levels to assign numbers to \setcounter{tocdepth}{4}    % how many sectioning levels to show in ToC  % Using \setlength is highly recommended.. \setlength{\extrarowheight}{4pt} \setlength{\heavyrulewidth}{1.2pt} %default for top and bottom rule \setlength{\lightrulewidth}{0.2pt} %thickness of \midrule \setlength{\cmidrulewidth}{0.5pt} %thickness of \cmidrule  \setlength{\abovetopsep}{0pt} %space above top rule \setlength{\belowbottomsep}{0pt} %space below bottom rule \setlength{\aboverulesep}{0pt} %for space above \midrule \cmidrule and \bottomrule \setlength{\belowrulesep}{0pt} %for space below \midrule, \cmidrule and \toprule  \setlength{\cmidrulekern}{0pt}  %for trimming in \cmidrule \setlength{\abovetopsep}{0pt} %leaves 'x'pt space below caption and start of table otherwise use \vspace{10pt} to LEAVE SPACE BET CAP AND TAB.  % \setlength\abovedisplayskip{4pt} % \setlength\belowdisplayskip{4pt} % \setlength\abovedisplayshortskip{2pt} % \setlength\belowdisplayshortskip{2pt}  % Pargraph settings \setlength{\parindent}{4em} \setlength{\parskip}{1em}  % \makeatletter % \makeatother  \fancyhf{} \renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt} \pagestyle{fancy} %for fancy headers \rhead{\thepage}  %Fix headers on Table of Contents and List of Figures: \fancypagestyle{plain}{} %\pagenumbering{roman}  %\fancyfoot[R]{\thepage} %\fancyhead[R]{\thepage}  % Overriding fancy header %\lhead{Left header} %\rhead{Right header} %\chead{Center header}  %\lfoot{Left footer} %\rfoot{Right footer} %\cfoot{Center footer}  % Enable these 3 \PassOptionsToPackage{hyphens}{url}\usepackage{hyperref} \titleformat*{\section}{\small} \renewcommand{\chaptertitlefont}{\normalfont\sffamily\small}  % From natbib package....reduces font size for bibliography entries % \def\bibfont{\footnotesize} \def\bibfont{\normalsize}  \usepackage{abstract} \renewcommand{\abstractnamefont}{\normalfont\huge} \renewcommand\abstractname{\uppercase{abstract}} \renewcommand\abstractname{\normalfont\textsc{abstract}}  \begin{document}   \renewcommand{\contentsname}{\fontsize{18}{2}\selectfont\ TABLE OF CONTENTS}   \centering{\tableofcontents}   \chapter{\fontsize{15}{10}\selectfont\ INTRODUCTION}   \chapter{\fontsize{15}{10}\selectfont\ LITERATURE SURVEY} \end{document} 


Welcome to this site. Please note that asking the same question 2 times within 5 minutes with a different subject line does not really help -- you can edit your first question.

As @WillieWong mentioned, load packages you need and you know what they do -- loading as many packages as possible only helps getting conflicts.

A solution to your issue would be to locally change the format of headings of \tableofcontents, here a solution with titlesec.sty:




    {\large\bfseries}% <== Adjust to your needs
\chapter{Literature Survey}

Reduce font size for Chapter headings in TOC but preserve them in actual chapter body

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