Refind doesn't see refind.conf

I have Ubuntu and Windows 10 dual boot set up on my laptop. After booting and updating Windows 10, Windows resets the EFI boot order. To restore refind as my primary boot option I used to boot from a refind USB drive into Ubuntu and restore my EFI configuration. But today when I tried booting into the refind USB stick, I got this error:

ASSERT /usr/local/UDK2014/MyWorkSpace/MdePkg/Library/BaseMemoryLib/CopyMemWrapper.c(56): (Length - 1) <= (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFULL - (UINTN)DestinationBuffer) ASSERT /usr/local/UDK2014/MyWorkSpace/MdePkg/Library/BaseMemoryLib/CopyMemWrapper.c(57): (Length - 1) <= (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFULL - (UINTN)SourceBuffer)

At first I thought it was the USB stick, since I had modified its controller, but after creating a new one I got the same error. From an Ubuntu USB stick I backed up my old EFI configuration and since efibootmgr didn't list refind, I reinstalled it. After a reboot refind tells me:

configuration file 'refind.conf' missing!

although the refind.conf exists. I tried using the provided refind-sample.conf instead of mine but it still doesn't work. Do you have a clue why this happens and more importantly how to fix it? Do you need any further information?


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