Regedit deleted and now want to restore it using cmd

I have made a copy of regedit on by desktop (by exporting it), after that I deleted some of registries entries(hkey_local_machine) due to which now my system does not restart. Can you tell me how to restore the regedit copy on my desktop using command promt as I am able to open cmd under advance option.

My windows is 10 I have tried to open safe mode but didn't work. Tried to reset pc and that also didn't work.


Regedit.exe is just the editor application, with which you can edit the registry hive contents. Restoring this executable won't bring back your deleted registry keys and values.

If the system is unbootable, boot your computer using the installation media (or) recovery drive, get into the Repair / Recovery Options page and do a System Restore rollback from there. Refer the instructions here.

Note: You may need to first change the boot order in the BIOS setup page and set it to boot from USB or DVD (depending upon which installation media you're going to use).

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