Remove Your Scaling Woes!

**Updated 09/08/2004**: v1.0.3 now includes middle mouse wheel support for quick granular control

Remove Your Scaling Woes!

Not one to sit around twiddling my thumbs, here’s another panel hot off the press as requested by a SitePoint reader that remedies the problem of exactly scaling objects to a given percentage.

I know myself, if you have objects that you have to scale, even with the use of the snapping guides it can be a bit of a chore using the transform tool to scale to a given percentage.

Not any more, simply select your object, and scale away to your heart’s content!

Note: This version may experience slight problems with objects that don’t have registration points (shapes). Also, if you are constantly dragging and scaling you may experience a little bit of drift of the object that you are scaling.

Download Dynamic Scaler Panel for Flash MX 2004 >>


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