Replacing electroluminescent backlight panels in LCD displays

As EL panels in equipment displays age they get dimmer and dimmer eventually making the display unreadable. I wish to know whether these panels can be replaced with ultra slim bright LED sheets or matrices.


Assuming these electroluminescent back-lit LCD displays are alpha / numeric black & white low resolution LCDs:

Replacing electroluminescent backlight panels in LCD displays

(...And not high resolution color LCD found in monitors and televisions.)

Consider cleaning the display and cabinet. Often (test? / office?) "equipment" collects dust on the inside cabinet surfaces rendering displays unreadable.

Also, consider replacing the entire display. Often these types of displays are sourced from a common OEMs. Especially in low-run / specialized test equipment. Regardless, often these displays use an interface defined by Hitachi.

Finally, you can experiment with replacing the EL (if it is truly failing) with a new one. I suspect sourcing new EL that fits may be more difficult than pulling EL from an existing new display. I'll leave that up to you.

From what I've seen, the space between the LCD and PCB is not large enough for LED edge lighting. Never the less you can try. There are many sources for plastics embedded with reflective material. Here's just one.

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