Repository for organizing company SQL statements?

We have a few people here that use SQL and have quite a few queries we each individually use and share. I'm wondering if there's a solution to store all of these statements in a central repository where they can be used and copied but not modified. We did consider a folder on a network drive and storing the .sql files, but were wondering if there was a better solution out there.


We've used SVN for this, seems to be quite popular as several companies I've spent time with used it. You should be able to control who can and cannot write/update files, as well as who can see what. And one of the more popular clients is Tortoise, as vercelli mentions.

You can certainly use source control and create a repo for storing scripts in a similar way to the way you store code. However, I'm a big fan of WIKIs for this- it also gives you a platform for other documentation.

Check out Confluence.

Besides source control repositories, we've also used Sharepoint for SQL scripts. You can access it just like a network drive too.

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