rt2800 wifi adapter for Internet on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop

I am new to linux. I just installed Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS on my Desktop Computer. There is no problem connecting to the internet with ethernet cable but i am finding it difficult to configure a wireless connection for my Desktop. I have a realtek rt2800 wifi adapter that i am trying to use.

After connecting the wifi adapter. I did

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade 

lshw output shows the usb adapter as follows.

 *-network        description: Wireless interface        physical id: 2        bus info: [email protected]:2        logical name: wlx0087407f0314        serial: 00:87:40:7f:03:14        capabilities: ethernet physical wireless        configuration: broadcast=yes driver=rt2800usb driverversion=4.4.0-31-generic firmware=0.29 link=no multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11bgn 

I added a new wifi network from network settings providing the ssid, psk and the mac address of the wifi adapter but the interface is not connected to the internet. I am not sure what i am doing. Please Help.



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