Running Everything in Azure [on hold]

So for a small business, the kind who Small Business Server / Windows Server Essentials were designed for. Already using O365 for Exchange/SharePoint/OneDrive/Lync.

After a bit of growth, they now want their first server. Mainly because individual logins on PCs are a pain, and everyone maps to the printer individually. But crucially, there is no existing domain. Apart from O365, this is starting from scratch.

Knowing that they won't want to pay for a physical server, I'm wondering about hosting Windows Server Essentials on Azure?

Yes it won't be as fast for LAN users as if we had an on-premises server, but their email and files are on O365 already and performance seems fine. And for off-LAN users then connecting to Azure won't be any slower than VPN in to site.

If there are any custom databases that must be on-premises then they could go on a NAS.

My main reservation would be that every print job gets sent up and down and this could be quite large. But as per Azure print server - running everything in Azure?, modern clients will be able to support Branch Office Direct Printing and only send the jobs across the LAN to the printer.

So, has anyone tried it? Most posts I can find are referring to using Azure as the backup... but not the primary! Internet connection at the site is 2x FTTC 80/20.


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