Safari Veers Toward Open Source

Apple has released the underlying engine of its Safari web browser with an open source project that includes comprehensive access to the CVS repository.

While the ongoing theme is this action was taken due to complaints over a closed development process for the browser, it also is interesting timing with its announced shift to Intel. The Intel-based open source community is vast and surely contributions may contribute toward a better browser as ths architecture shift occurs.

This will help synchronize activity between KHTML developers and Apple. And with Konqueror, Firefox and other open source projects closing in on the goal of complete standards adherence, it may open up the door for Safari to join the club, which recently passed the ACID test.

This also may also crack open the door for some ambitious folk who might want to pursue eventually getting Safari ported to a Linux or Windows environment. Not as far of a stretch as it seems once Apple releases its Xcode framework that will assist in the port from PowerPC to Intel.


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