Samsung S5 keeps losing data connection and requires reboot - how to test SIM?

I've had my S5 (on MetroPCS) running Cyanogenmod (OS 5.1.1) and everything was fine for a number of months and while using data very heavily (generally 4G, with the "H" or "H+" showing next to the connection bars)

Then for a period of a few days, my internet completely stopped working, the "H"/"H+" disappeared and I just had an "!" over the connection bars. Calls still worked. Rebooting and getting proper network settings reset by MetroPCS did nothing.

Then data came back, but this time it lasts anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple of hours, and then I get the "!" on the connection bars and data stops working.

Now, the only thing that fixes it is rebooting. I've tried switching airplane mode on and off.

I'm trying to isolate where the failure is happening, my guess is either:

  1. Software/OS failure on the phone
  2. SIM card failure (though it's fairly new - but suggested by this question
  3. Hardware failure, perhaps from overheating?
  4. MetroPCS problems

I'm planning on getting the SIM card replaced, but I had to keep replacing the sim card on my S4 because it was running to hot and it would stop working. Though perhaps a new SIM was just fixing something at MetroPCS and I'm really seeing problem #4.

How can I figure out where the failure is happening? My phone is rooted, so I can easily get dmesg/logcat or any other such logs - but sifting through those looking for internet info hasn't really caught anything of notice.

And how can I restart the baseband without having to reboot the phone everytime? Is this possible?


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