Say Bye Bye to MSDE SQL

Ok all! I just found this, so forgive me if you’ve found it already.

Apparently Microsoft has decided to get rid of the MSDE version of SQL Server. MSDE is the Microsoft Developers Edition, this is a free version of SQL Server which is intended for development purposes and some stand alone applications.

Now before you get upset (or get all excited that MS is dropping something), I have to tell you WHY they are dropping the MSDE. Apparently the next version of SQL will have a SQL Express version. It’s this version which will replace the MSDE Version AND it will also be more friendly with distribution and usage.

I see this as Microsoft attempt to break into the free market that MySQL and PostGreSQL have had for so long. Funny isn’t it, MySQL start charging for a version, and Microsoft gives a version away!

You can learn all about it, and even download a beta 2 release here.


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