Screencast: Photoshop Starburst Effect

SitePoint is planning a series of premium video tutorials for web developers. To kick off this effort, and to get some valuable feedback from the community (that’s you), we thought we’d start by giving you all a free dose of Photoshop eye candy!

Screencast: Photoshop Starburst Effect

There are two versions of the video: one with additional text captions for the hearing or audio hardware impaired (or for those who just don’t like my voice).

Screencast: Photoshop Starburst Effect (10:09, no captions)
Screencast: Photoshop Starburst Effect (10:09, captioned)

These videos are optimized for low-grade broadband connections, but patient dial-up viewers can wait and view the video once it has loaded.

Depending on your feedback, we plan for future screencasts to cover all the same technical topics that we cover in other areas of, from down-and-dirty coding tutorials to web design solutions.

Let me stress that your feedback is especially important, here. Screencasts like these take time to produce, and we’d like to see a clear vote of support from our community before we commit to producing them on a regular basis. You can either comment on this blog, make use of our feedback form (put it under Blog Feedback), or drop me a line personally at kevin (at)

Enjoy the freebie — we look forward to hearing from you!


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