See you at Dx3 in Boston!

The following is republished from the Tech Times #159.

With the new year well underway, I’ve begun to make my travel plans for 2007. My first speaking engagement for the year will be the Dx3 Conference in Boston, May 15-18.

See you at Dx3 in Boston!The conference will focus on the various design methods, development techniques, and deployment platforms that are available to developers and designers who are beginning to think about the rich experiences and possibilities that exist beyond the web browser.

I’ll be giving two talks at the conference:

APIs and Mashups: Bringing the Web to the Desktop

All the big players are competing for their slice of the API pie. Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! all want you to use their maps. Amazon’s API has the scoop on just about any product you can buy. Impressive web-based mashups and affiliate programs abound, but the browser imposes limits on how much can be done. Could the desktop, ironically, be the stage for web APIs to come into their own? And if so, which of the new desktop platforms (WPF? Apollo? Java Web Start?) is best equipped to take advantage of them?

JavaScript the Right Way

JavaScript is the most powerful of the standard client-side languages that are routinely used for web design. Consequently, it gives you unprecedented scope to mess things up. Whether you’re just getting started with JavaScript or you’re a seasoned veteran struggling to make your aging scripts behave, learning these simple, yet powerful, unobtrusive scripting techniques (taken from the pages of an upcoming SitePoint book) will make your life a lot easier—and your code will look pretty, too.

If you happen to be in or around the Boston area, check out the conference and let me know if you plan to attend!


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