SEO for every page necessary?

I would like to know if it's really necessary for every single web page of a website to be SEO optimized?

I mean do many SEO optimized pages boost my ranking in general? Or can I concentrate on the most relevant pages for Google search and forget about pages like impressum or product overviews. Because I don't believe my customers would want to get a product overview in Google search as a result instead of the product page itself. But maybe Google and bing think otherwise.

I appreciate every help, especially with a reference source.


From an Internet Marketing perspective it is important to 'pre-sell' products. Consumers are much more likely to buy if they are sold on the benefits of the product, not just shown the features and the price tag.

Every webpage should have some goal in mind and a target audience. It should be written with highly searched for keywords in mind. These keywords should be included in the description and throughout the content to be effective. This should not detract from genuine content, however.

A good, easy to follow and updated guide for SEO in 2016 is The Fundamental Guide to SEO in 2016

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