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Im new to using ubuntu and i am running in a problem wich i do not understand. Im trying to install the Server version of ubuntu into a fresh drive. I tried both cd/dvd as a boot device and a usb stick. Differentversions have been tried. Whenever i try to use de cd/dvd iso supplied by the website, it just ignores the cd and returns the error BOOTMGR is missing. Yes i burned the iso files and not the iso itself. When i tried the usb way it booted the installation but kept failing when it should start the diskpart section of the installation. I have been trying and trying for the pas 24hrs and am just not possible to make the installation happening. I also tried to put the nomode on. Does anyone have any idea what my options are at the moment? Oh! I also put in a windows setup disk and that one is booting just fine.

PLease help :)

Thanks in advance! JT


Assuming you are new to linux and if you are using Windows, you can use Rufus or Yumi Installer to make bootable USB drives, they automatically handle formatting and making the disk bootable.

I prefer to use virtual environments to install Ubuntu. You can use Vagrant or Docker. Both are excellent options.

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