Service Packs and CUs for SQL Server, do these patches make any changes to user database files? or just instance level binaries?

I am curious about patching on SQL Server. Does anyone know if SPs and CUs make any changes to user database files or is it just the database engine and instance level binaries that get modified/updated?



Service packs and CUs do not change user databases. What is changed is binaries and system databases. Sometimes, database that are not strictly system databases but are shipped by microsoft are changed as well via upgrade scripts (sysutility_mdw, SSISDB, distribution...)

They won't perform major functional changes to user databases, but there may be internal structural changes to the databases to support bug fixes, changes in database engine functionality, etc.

If you've ever restored a backup from an older patch-level of SQL Server onto a newer one, you'll see a bunch of messages about it performing upgrade steps on the database that was restored. This same thing happens when patching SQL Server to a newer version. Thus you will not be able to move that upgraded database back to an older build of SQL Server.

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