Set default margins in cups?

We just updated our server from CentOS 6 to RHEL 7 and after setting up our HP LaserJet 600 from ppd, I'm noticing that all print jobs now have about a 2" margin at the top of the page.

Is it possible to define margins in a configuration file? This reply suggests that margins can be set with some arguments to lpr, but I'd rather store them in a conf file.

using lp:   -o page-bottom=N  -o page-left=N  -o page-right=N  -o page-top=N  Sets the page margins when printing text files.  The values are in points - there are 72 points to the inch. 


Standard options can be set with the lpoptions command.

If run as a normal user the file $HOME/.cups/lpoptions is set.

If run as the root user then the system defaults /etc/cups/lpoptions is set.

This can be used to change various settings (eg double sided printing) and page-top.

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