Setting up reverse DNS for a /25 block of IPs

I've currently got a block of IPs that go from

Here's my current rDNS setup:

$TTL 12h $ORIGIN 128/  @       IN      SOA (                          2011092003      ; serial number                         2h              ; refresh                         1h              ; retry                         2w              ; expire                         1h      )       ; negative TTL          IN      NS         IN      NS  130       IN        PTR 

It doesn't seem to be working properly. I've got it setup in named.conf like so:

zone "128/" {     type master;     file "master/"; }; 


RFC2317 delegations aren't typical zones, clients don't know how to find them during a lookup; there will need to be a "delegation" (it's not a real delegation, as it's not really working inside the hierarchy of DNS) in the zone for the /24 sending every address in the /25 to your name server via a CNAME to the 128/ zone.

Something like this in the /24's zone:

128/25    IN    NS

128       IN    CNAME    128.128/25
129       IN    CNAME    129.128/25
254       IN    CNAME    254.128/25
255       IN    CNAME    255.128/25

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