Setting up Reverse DNS Zone BIND9 Ubuntu 13.10 Server

I am trying to configure a reverse DNS zone on my new dedicated server. I have tried several things but for some reason i cannot get my reverse zone to properly resolve.

When checking my dns, i get Could not find reverse address for my.masked.ip ( PTR record(s) for the address could not be found in the .arpa-zone. ( for IPv6 addresses and for IPv4).

Here is my reverse zone.

 @ IN SOA (                     2013120101                     28800                      604800                     604800                     86400  )                  IN    NS                 IN    NS                 IN    PTR   ns1           IN    A       Ip   ns2           IN    A       2ip 

Bind9 && Ubuntu 13.10.


This is a strange reverse zone. I'd expect to see some of the following:

  • $ORIGIN (replace with your IP and put before PTR records but not other records). This indicates context for the PTR records.
  • Some PTR records for IPs in your subnet, such as 1 IN PTR
  • An additional rDNS zone with the applicable entries for IPv6

If you are using DDNS from dhcpd, you can get away without specifying any of the PTR records yourself.

If this reverse zone is for only one delegated IP address, you can ignore that; your zone will work in that case. However, you do need the delegation.

To test before you get the delegation, you can use dig. Specify dig -x @ where is your DNS server and is the IP with rDNS (it's OK if they are the same). You should get IN PTR, given your example data, assuming named.conf is also correct.

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