Sha1Sum kali linux 64bit

I got a new computer and now I want to dual boot windows 8 with Kali linux but whenever I download the ISO or torrent from their /downloads/ section I get the wrong sha1sum. I've tried using fciv to check the sha1sum and DownThemAll but the sha1sum is never right for any iso/torrent! I got HTTPS everywhere and a VPN with highest encryption available atm, so I guess its not a MitM attack. What can it be? Have I been hacked already? I used the command fciv(the exe in same dir) -add shasumname.txt.sha1, if that helps.


I tried verifying sha1 from blackarch and it worked, either I am a retard or there is something wrong on the Kali Linux mirror side?


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Tags: kali linux sha

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