Sharepoint: Events for booking rooms problems

i am asking help to fix this issue. Here's the situation.

  • A person receives a request to approve a booking. This request can be either approved or rejected.
  • Users make their request through a request form.
  • Each user is assign to a group.
  • All the groups has exactly the same right which is Read and Limited access except for one group that’s has a Read Only access to the request.
  • Users in some case can be in 2 different groups

These groups have a unique access. Here they are:

  • SAE – this group has Read, Limited Access (People on this group are the one who can approved or rejected the request)
  • AEPC- this group has Read, Limited Access SAE-Employee – this group has Read, Limited
  • Access EMBA - this group has Read, Limited Access SAE-Suppliers- This group has a read only access

I found out if a user is a member of SAE-Employee that user is able to book a room through the request form. If this user is a member of both SAE and EMBA groups, the user is not able to fill the form. Once I deleted him from EMBA group he was able to fill the form.

But the situation is different if the user is a member of both SAE-Employee and AEPC. In that case he can fill the form with no problem. I can’t find out where the problem is as all my groups except for one has the same right.


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