Sharp AR5516 Scan Button doesnt work through Print Server

I would appreciate if anyone could help me about it. I have a "Sharp AR5516" Copy device. It also do scan and print job too (Multi-function).

But its a USB port native device (without LAN). we use a print server to make it able to work via network. now the printer works well through network. But we cannot use Scan feature.

I also tried with both lates drivers (MFP and TWAIN) with Sharp Button manager (the sharp windows application for setting scan job).

If anyone try Sharp-AR5516 Scan feature through network, I was wondering if help me due to its installation.

I also tried scan feature with single PC (directly connected by usb) before. "Button manager" app (the sharp app that use for scan by device) work fine in that pc. But it seems when it comes in network the device can not detect related setting.

So let me know if you have more information about this. best regard.


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