Shell script to create file by referring to other files [on hold]

Can anyone please help write a shell script?

I have a CSV file as shown below in comma-separated format, named namedomainmachine.txt

A,B,C D,E,F 

(that means: name, domain, machine)

There is another file in which the values are written as mentioned below, named component_names.txt:-

Ramesh Suresh 

(that means: the name of the components for each machine, every machine have this components.)

With the help of the above two files I need to construct a new file.

<root> <env name="A" domain="B"> <component name="Ramesh">     <machine name="C">Ramesh</machine> </component> <component name="Suresh">     <machine name="C">Suresh</machine> </component> </env> <env name="D" domain="E"> <component name="Ramesh">     <machine name="F">Ramesh</machine> </component> <component name="Suresh">     <machine name="F">Suresh</machine> </component> </env> </root> 


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