Should I back-merge every day in a large project?

I work on a large project (C++, C#) in areas that can have a lot of churn. I'm in the habit of getting latest sources multiple times a day. Every now and then this results in an awful back-merge. Usually it results in either having to fix little things, which doesn't take too long, or if I'm lucky they're no conflicts at all (happy dance). One advantage of regularly getting latest sources (even if it results in a back-merge) is that I can always test my code against the latest builds.

I was thinking last night about the time difference between back-merging, say, once a day, or even skipping a day, instead of getting latest regularly. It seems to me like I should just keep getting latest regularly but I've heard strong opinions against doing that. I also have several co-workers that will wait multiple days and only back-merge when they're ready to check in their code and they seem to be doing okay.

Is it okay to back-merge several times a day to keep in sync with latest sources and avoid a large back-merge later?


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