Simple Test 1.0 Beta 6 is out

Slightly out of date but Simple Test 1.0 Beta 6 hit the streets last Saturday. Along with bug fixes most it’s packing more web testing functionality including;

proxy support, image clicking, a more scriptable browser, easier debugging of HTTP requests and some limited frames support.

Marcus wrote an article about Simple Test and it’s web testing functionality (“Coding a Login Box Shouldn’t Hurt”) in Issue #05, 2004 of the online version of PHP Mag (I can’t find a point to link directly to it – the PHP Mag website is somewhat mysterious sometimes so you’ll have to subscribe if you want to read it) .

An interesting by-product of Simple Test is the HTTP client Marcus has put together in PHP. It already has support for cookies and is starting to look like the most ingeniously designed library of it’s kind in PHP.


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