SitePoint Needs Web Tech Enthusiasts - Win An iPhone!

SitePoint Needs Web Tech Enthusiasts - Win An iPhone!
Before I came to work for SitePoint, being a technical editor is not something I’d ever imagined myself doing. But I can honestly say it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. It has the perfect mix of being challenging and satisfying. It’s a job that requires me to keep up to date with web technology and allows me to tinker, research and write about it. It challenges me to learn and assimilate new technology quickly and produce technical and educational content of a high standard. It also helps that SitePoint is a great place to work!

OK, so after having talked up the job for a bit, it’s time to cut to the chase: SitePoint is hiring! The publishing team needs a new technical editor to help produce our range of books, articles, blogs, and newsletters. The job is based out of our office in Melbourne, Australia. If you work in the web industry and love writing about technology and sharing your know-how as much as you love tinkering with it and reading about it, we need you!

Apply Today

To apply, read all about the position and then fill in our online survey.

Refer a Friend—Win an iPhone

Alternatively, if you know of someone who would be perfect for the job, fill in our referral form and be in the running to win a 16GB Apple iPhone 3G! If the person you referred to us gets the job, the iPhone is yours.


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