SitePoint Services: Introducing Clients To Vendors

Partly based on a recurring request in our reader survey earlier this year, we’re trialling an interesting new service here on SitePoint, which we’re calling SitePoint Services. The service is offered as a partnership with, a leading internet marketing company. Here’s how it works:

  • A large number of vendors register to participate in a business-to-business marketplace. Vendors indicate what services they are best placed to offer, and pay a fee to register.
  • Visitors to SitePoint looking to purchase services such as logo design, web design, web hosting or SEO services can request quotes from participating vendors. This service is free for interested parties looking to get quotes on a job.
  • SitePoint receives a small payment for bringing the customer and the vendor together (there’s our disclaimer out the way).

There are a couple of reasons why we think this is a great model, and potentially a terrific fit for SitePoint:

  1. We’ve used the service ourself, and had great results. In fact, we were hugely impressed both with the process and the vendor who provided us with the service we were after. If we didn’t stand by the service, we wouldn’t be considering integrating it into our site to this degree.
  2. We already have a thriving community of savvy, entrepreneurial folks who are constantly looking for these kinds of services.
  3. We also have an even bigger community of individuals who provide services such as these to clients every day, and could be eager to expand their client base through such a network.

At this point, some of you may be thinking, “Isn’t that what the SitePoint Marketplace is for?”

Yes and no. The Marketplace is good for auctions and classified listings, but this services offers the following additional benefits:

  • Interested customers can receive no obligation quotes.
  • Customers have access to a much larger network of vendors—one that extends beyond those who visit the SitePoint Marketplace.

As I mentioned above, we thought we’d try the service for ourselves, to see whether it was something we wanted to stand by, and we’re convinced it is a Good Thing. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts about this service though.

Is this something you would consider utilizing, as a client? (If you’re looking to get a quote for something, I’d encourage you to trial the service before weighing in. Note this is restricted to clients and vendors in the USA at this stage) And if you offer web development-related services, consider registering with VendorSeek and let us know your experience in the comments. As I mentioned, this is a trial, so its success along with your feedback will help determine whether we continue offering the service.

Check out the SitePoint Services signup page.


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