Spoof Your Email Addresses

A really cool and simple to use server control EmailSpoofer.NET protects the email addresses you have on your pages from spam bots who parse pages looking for potential email addresses to clutter up with their junk.

EmailSpoofer works by encoding references to your email address in either the hexadecimal URL format or JavaScript-based encoding. The latter is particularly powerful as most spam bots cannot process JavaScript, so is ignored. Another great feature of EmailSpoofer.NET is that it can render your email address as an image, which provides the best protection of all…an OCR spam bot? Not likely :)

These spoofings are nothing new, but having the functionality available in an easy to use control is certainly an powerful and simple way of protecting your mail box from unwanted junk.

EmailSpoofer.NET is available for free download from http://www.emailspoofer.net/default.aspx.


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