SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services SR-1 Out!

SQL Server 2000 Reporting Service Pack 1 is out today.

Biggest improvements have made to the report rendering engines, but, here’s an overview of the big changes in this release:

# Excel rendering extension has been improved and now supports viewing in Excel 97 and 2000.

# PDF rendering extension is more robust and has better performance.

# Chart control provides more control over display styles.

# References to external URLs (images and resources) from within a report are now supported.

# Data caching behavior for report preview is now supported.

# Newline in expressions is now supported.

# The style of the HTML Viewer toolbar can now be modified through a style sheet.

# New URL parameters offer more options for customizing report presentation at run time

# Report Manager proxy persists authentication cookies so that they can be used by custom security extensions.

# Hidden parameters are now supported.

# Temporary snapshots can be compressed as well as stored on the file system.

# Integrated security support for accessing report data sources can be disabled.


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