Square brackets in chemcompounds custom names

I would like to denote a molecular ion using the chemcompounds package. This would involve wrapping part of a chemcompounds descriptor in square brackets, like so:


However, because the chemcompounds name argument is placed between square brackets, trying to do this causes an error.

How is it done?


\documentclass[a4paper]{minimal} \usepackage{chemcompounds} \declarecompound[J]{c1} \declarecompound[J$^{+}$]{c1c} %\declarecompound[[J]$^{+}$]{c1bc}  \begin{document}  This species is denoted \compound{c1}.  This molecular ion is denoted \compound{c1c}.  %This molecular ion breaks chemcompounds: \compound{c1bc}.  \end{document} 

(I have commented out the lines that break compilation)


Normally, an extra pair of braces solves this kind of problem:






Square brackets in chemcompounds custom names

If this was not the case, while you provide a proper MWE with chemcompounds, I would suggest you to use the mhchem package instead:





Square brackets in chemcompounds custom names

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