SSL-Apache Column and More

A new column is up to kick off August — Securing Your Apache 2 Server with SSL.

I struggled in my early days with SSL and after several failures got the hang of it. I hope to save others some time and money in getting a good background and foundation for using SSL with Apache 2 on Linux.

I will be including SSL topics in the Open Sourcery blog throughout the month to expand on the column, including SSL logging, Apache on Windows and others.

One good feature of SSL certificates in most cases is they can come with you if you migrate to a different web host after deploying SSL. The key is in the domain name – if you change domain names – it will require a new cert.

However, if in this case you would be moving your certificiate from an Apache web server on one host to Apache on another (using same domain name) – you simply need the private key and certifiicate file noted in the httpd.conf file for the domain copied to the new host.


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