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There are numerous threads in the SitePoint forums on the use of ssl and e-commerce. In researching a future column for SitePoint – I cam across this great comparison matrix at SSL Review showing the price, product, stability and several other factors for choosing an ssl certificate.

Please us this url below to see Google cached page:

In Google search box – type “cache:”

When it comes to securing a server or multiple servers – the key is to know your requirements. In some cases, a sophisticated commerce site handling transaction either of great value or in high volume would require an enterprise ready ssl certificate with extensive fraud control. However, a site handling light volumes of low cost transactions could save money by using a certificate from FreeSSL, which offers very economical options.

Finally, for those needing multiple certificates on sub-domains all under one primary domain – the best bet is a wildcard certificate. These enable administrators to setup numerous domains, such as,, and so on, with one ssl certificate.

These range anywhere from $200 and on up. They can be useful if you host many clients, but provide ssl services under one standard domain, giving each client a sub-domain for use of a secure server.

I would look forward to hearing feedback on what has worked for SitePoint readers.


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