Stashing Entry Ids not working with get tag

I've got a stash set like this:

{!-- retrieved at line 173--} {exp:stash:set name="st_featured_ids" type="snippet" parse_tags="yes"}     {director_featured_spots backspace="1"}{director_featured_spots:entry_id}|{/director_featured_spots} {/exp:stash:set} 

And in a test section of the template outputs entry ids as expected using this:

stashed: {exp:stash:get name='st_featured_ids'  type='snippet'} 

However when I'm trying to filter a relationship tag to only show specific entries it doesn't work. If I manually add in the entry_ids it's fine. I jsut cant' get them with stash.

{parents field="spot_director" limit="5" entry_id="{exp:stash:get name='st_featured_ids'  type='snippet'}"};  or  {parents field="spot_director" limit="5" entry_id="{st_featured_ids}"} 

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


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