Strange rendering issues when using xvfb-run

I have an app running remotely on a beaglebone, written in wxPython. I want to run the app inside of a virtual frame buffer, using Xvfb, and access it remotely using a VNC.

It may also be pertinent for you to know that I am launching VNC from inside of the application, like so:

    display = Display(":99")     root = display.screen().root     win_ids = [ for w in root.query_tree()._data['children'] if w.get_wm_name() and 'myappname' in w.get_wm_name().lower()]     if (win_ids[0]):        print("Found my win id. Starting x11vnc")        system("x11vnc -quiet -sid %s -forever &" % win_ids[0])     else:         print("Can't find my Window ID!") 

When I launch the app with:

    sudo xvfb-run ./myApp -s :99 -screen 0 1920x1080x16 -ac 

I see the following: Strange rendering issues when using xvfb-run

However, when I launch Xvfb separately:

    Xvfb :99 -screen 0 800x600x16 -ac & 

and then launch the app:

    DISPLAY=:99 ./myApp 

I see this (what it should be):

Strange rendering issues when using xvfb-run

Any insights?


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Tags: python vnc xvfb

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