Suspend works as shutdown

Closing the lid, going on the desktop to "gear"->suspend, or from terminal level calling suspend, pm-suspend, or systemctl suspend ... all of this ends up with switching off the system.

One-by-one: I try to suspend the system and it goes black (as it should) immediately. There is no indication of powering off. When I press the trackpad (or open the lid) to wake-up, the system do full boot up (restart?). This is strange since if the system would be "truly" off it would not turn-on on trackpad press (or lid action).

Editing /etc/systemd/logind.conf is not effecting anything. Also, there is nothing worrying in /var/log/pm-suspend.log after pm-suspend.

All of this happened after I ppa-purge the oibaf/graphics-drivers (re-installing this PPA also doesn't solve the problem).

P.S. My machine: Dell XPS 9350 with Intel graphics


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