Table of Contents page numbers to first page of chapter

I'm creating a document based on the Memoir class. My chapter titles have a custom style so that the chapter number and title are on one page, but the text begins on the next page. I would like the ToC entry to reference the first page of the chapter.

Here's a correct MWE with the ToC for Chapter 1 referencing page 2, using a manual page break after the chapter from here.

\documentclass[oneside]{memoir} \makechapterstyle{customchapterstyle}{     \chapterstyle{default}     \renewcommand{\afterchaptertitle}{\vspace*{\fill}\par\pagebreak} }  \begin{document} \tableofcontents %\chapterstyle{customchapterstyle} \chapter{Foo} \vspace*{\fill}\par\pagebreak   % Manual page break This is some text. \end{document} 

But I would prefer putting it in the style and so it doesn't have to be done in every chapter. If I put the \pagebreak code in the \afterchaptertitle command and use \chapterstyle rather than the manual page break, the ToC entry says page 3 instead of 2. How can I modify the chapter style so that the entry in the ToC entry points to the chapter title page?


Update \mempostaddchaptertotochook instead:

Table of Contents page numbers to first page of chapter




This is some text.


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