Tagging content with same term multiple times by different users. So can be searched and put in priority order of what has been tagged more

Is there a way to edit a node already published from a different user and they add their own tags and tag it with the same tags as previous and this would mean that that tag then looks like this 'tag(2)' as its been tagged twice now by two different users.

This is so that multiple people can work on a node and revision it, but instead of changing it for new, it adds both the revisions together, in a way.

This is so that the end result is that we can have a site which if someone searches for tag1 say it's 'rain' and there are two nodes with this tag, then it puts the node with 'rain(2)' infront of 'rain' because the first one has been defined as being more 'rain' like...


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Tags: taxonomy

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