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If you haven’t already, take a free tutorial on http://www.Clicktracks.com/ about their product. I was very impressed with their simple but powerful product.

As web designers/developers most of you know that your clients don’t just want fancy design. They want to know that their web site is getting results. I haven’t found free web log tools that match paid tools like ClickTracks. Plus, the education that the company provides gives a great overview of how to think like a businessperson/marketer, not a mere designer.

Plus, if you master this sort of tool, you can earn terrific revenues serving as a business consultant to your clients while also redesigning their site to match your analyses and get even better results.

Why wouldn’t you become an expert in something so simple, powerful, and seemingly required?

P.S. If you have compared ClickTracks to other products, let us know what you have found.


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