Take the SitePoint Reader Survey: Win a Nintendo Wii!

Take the SitePoint Reader Survey: Win a Nintendo Wii!
We here at SitePoint would like to get your input on how we can improve sitepoint.com — and we’re prepared to bribe you with shiny toys to get it!

The SitePoint Reader Survey is upon us, and there’s one heck of an incentive for you to complete it. One lucky winner will receive a brand new Nintendo Wii game console and a copy of the amazing Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (as well as a second guitar, so you can rock out with your friends!).

The purpose of the survey is to learn more about how people use the site, what kind of content our readers want to read, as well as to gather data that we can use to bring more relevant advertisers to sitepoint.com.

We’ve tried our best to keep the survey as short and easy to complete as possible — read the forum announcement for complete terms and conditions. When you’re ready, go ahead and …

Take the SitePoint Reader Survey: Win a Nintendo Wii!

I’ll leave you with some screenshots of Guitar Hero III and a few pictures of Alex and Brothercake rocking out to Guns and Roses in the SitePoint office.

Take the SitePoint Reader Survey: Win a Nintendo Wii!
Take the SitePoint Reader Survey: Win a Nintendo Wii!

Take the SitePoint Reader Survey: Win a Nintendo Wii!
Take the SitePoint Reader Survey: Win a Nintendo Wii!


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