Testing existing Ubuntu scopes without a supported device

I'm interested in participating in the Ubuntu app Showdown in which you have to make a scope.

But before I begin developing I'd like to see how scopes work and what scopes are available.

I don't have a device which Ubuntu officially supports such as a Nexus 4. What other ways are there to take a look at the existing scopes developed? Is there at least a store where all the scopes can be viewed on the desktop?


You can create an emulator from Qt Creator to see and explore the existing scopes on a virtual device. Here's a screenshot of how to create one.

  1. Go to the Devices tab in Qt Creator
  2. Click on the "+" button on the bottom left hand side to open the Emulator creation dialog
  3. Give the emulator a name, select the devel-proposed channel and press the Create button

Testing existing Ubuntu scopes without a supported device

Additionally, here are some screenshots of the default scopes: http://imgur.com/a/4NaGQ

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