Text mark-up for .csv output

I have a lengthy text file containing words that are candidates for column headings and content for those columns ... Is there a tool that will let me mark a candidate word as "column heading" and then mark its associated content? The rest of the text in the document can be ignored ...

I have the document in TextWrangler but outputting as .csv and importing into a spreadsheet (Numbers) results in a single column of undifferentiated text ... Transposing rows and columns doesn't solve the problem ... I'm trying to minimize editing the text before I output it as .csv (the overall goal is to import the .csv into SQLite) ...

I will be repeating this process with many such text documents, and while the documents are similar and the column headings once established probably won't change, the content will not line up uniformly row by row document to document ... Ideally, with a mark-up tool I would be able to define column headings and filter in content with minimal editing ...


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