Text of same font and font size is two pixels off of each other

So I was writing an email and I was copying text from an older email because I sent mistyped the address the first time. I wrote the first line of the email before copying the text and I was about to delete it until I noticed something unsettling...

Text of same font and font size is two pixels off of each other

The M's, otherwise identical, are TWO PIXELS OFF OF EACH OTHER -causing the rest of the line to be two pixels off.

Any idea why?


While I can't answer in this specific situation, the general answer to this question is that not all applications will render the same font the same way.

This that affect font rendering include anti-aliasing, kerning, and DPI. There may also be a difference between how an application renders a font on screen vs how it is printed. Try browsing a few web pages in Firefox and Chrome side-by-side; you'll see that each render fonts their own way.

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