The Business of Building Web Sites

Hello everyone, my name is Miles Burke. Five years ago this month, I was crazy enough to start a web site design and development company by leaving my previous employer, with only two weeks pay, mortgage payments to make, a 23 month old child and pregnant wife.

As you can imagine the latter was not overly impressed by my act of bravery, however I managed to quickly turn this around, and employed my first staff member less than three months later. I’d freelanced a few years earlier, but this time I believe I learnt from my earlier mistakes.

We now have fifteen staff in the web team and are part of a larger company, which I am a shareholder and director of, with a total staff of just over forty. I recently was awarded ‘one of Western Australia’s most pre-eminent business leaders under the age of 40′, an award which I am proud to have received.

Over the coming months, I hope to discuss with you my thoughts and observations, the mistakes I made and the lessons that I have learnt on this journey of small business ownership and management. I say discuss, because I really hope I can count on you to comment on my posts or get in touch and provide your own input to this conversation.

I’m honoured to have been asked by Simon Mackie and the fantastic team at SitePoint to be part of their blogging team, and impart some of my knowledge. I’d be equally as honoured to hear your questions, your own lessons and your opinions. Perhaps we could start by encouraging commenting below, and suggest some topics you’d like to hear about.


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