The Day Digg Ate Itself

It’s been an interesting 24 hours for the darling of user-driven content, digg. Upon removing an item regarding the discovery of the processing key that unlocks AACS copy protection (used in both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs), digg was overwhelemed by a flood of angry users, submitting and digging more stories containing the now-legendary hexidecimal string.

Digg prides itself on the idea of the community controlling the content, but this incident has been a prime example of how user driven content can backfire — what do you do if your users fill your site with content that is in direct conflict with your advertisers and therefore puts your revenue at risk? Oh, didn’t you know? Diggnation is (or was), sponsored by the HD-DVD Promotions Group.

Kevin Rose’s official post on the matter states that they pulled the story due to a cease and desist letter. While I don’t doubt that digg may have received a cease and desist, surely Wired would have received the same when they published the code in February?

Hmmm… Interesting.


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