The horrible suffering of early adopters who have to sell to the mainstream

I had a wonderful coaching session with a client today who is trying to get his IT consulting work kick-started. We discovered that he is a technology aficionado, like so many of us. This has led to some problems:

1. He designs solutions based on leading-edge technology because he loves to do it, regardless of revenue or market potential.

2. His passion for technology does not always translate to specific needs/problems he can address in the general market.

3. When we get down to the brass tacks of actual industries or demographic groups to target he loses interest. It is uninspiring for him to drill down from technology to industry/customer. Hmmmm…..

Here is what we concluded:

1. Right now he has a hobby, not a business.

2. No matter how much you love technology, if you aren’t solving a specific problem for a specific customer group, you don’t have a business.

3. As an early adopter who loves technology, he has to — if he wants to reach a large target market — get used to dealing with specific customers, even if it is boring to focus and drill down.

Does this conversation apply to you?


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