The Inevitable AJAX Book

The following is republished from the Tech Times #141.

Perhaps inevitably, SitePoint has published an AJAX book. Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications goes on sale today through, and comes with a free Introduction to AJAX video tutorial by yours truly.

The Inevitable AJAX Book
I remember hanging out with some of the big players in the computer book publishing world at O’Reilly’s sales conference in Sebastopol last year. One of the reps responsible for selling all of the companies’ products to book stores cornered Matt Mickiewicz and I: "We’ve got six AJAX books coming out in the next three months. Where’s yours?"

Truth be told, SitePoint has never been the first to publish a book on a given subject. We prefer to hang back a little and wait until we have something unique to say.

Thus, you’ll find that Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications is an AJAX book that stands out from the crowd. Where we have seen other books on the subejct fail time and again is in providing an answer to the question of accessibility: how can you produce AJAX applications that don’t disrupt the browser’s navigation tools (i.e. bookmarks and the back button), or leave users of assistive technologies like screen readers in the dark?

I’m proud to work for a publisher where this is the sort of “promotional copy” that makes it onto the covers of our books:

This book will help you build responsible, professional, and robust AJAX applications, enhancing the user experience while ensuring minimal accessibility impact.

Oh sure, in this book you’ll find all the code to produce the slick fades, slides, instant feedback, and drag-and-drop goodness that make any good AJAX application, but all of it is implemented in ways that you can actually deploy in the real world, where backwards compatibility and accessibility are serious concerns.


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